In ancient days, Tiruchengode was known as Thirukodimaadachenkundrur – one of the historic places in Tamil Nadu. It is world-famous for the ancient hilltop Ardhanreeshwarar temple, housing the presiding deity of Ardhanreeshwara also called Umaiorubagan – the unique deity having the half-male and half-female form signifying the union of Paramashiva’s divine Consort unto Him in Oneness after her austere penance for the same. Tiruchengode is a destination for worldwide pilgrims and has been mentioned in the Tamil work Silapathikaram as ‘Neduvelkundru’ and is celebrated in the hymns of Saivite saints called Nayanmars in the pre-historic era. The equally famous Chenkottu Velavar Temple, dedicated to Lord Murugan, is situated on the same hill.


The modern day Tiruchengode was formed on 22 November and that day is celebrated as ‘Tiruchengode day’.

Geographic Location

Tiruchengode is the largest city in the Namakkal district of the State of tamilnadu in Southern India.

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