8 Ways To Tackle COVID – Revelations from Devi Parashakti


Raising in Omkara, blossoming as Shiva Shiva, manifesting as Source of Existence, Powers of Existence, Expression of Existence, From the Oneness of Om blossoming into 2 as Pragadhi and Purusha, blossoming as 3 shathis-ichcha, kriya, jnana, growing as 4 Vedas, Expanding as 5 Panchaboothas, beyond 6 chakras, filled as gothras of 7 Rishis, Expanding as 8 directions, Existing as 9 Grahas, blossoming as 10 Indriyas, being as 11 Rudras, creating all the worlds, bringing life, to tell and make truth blossom, and to do good, Parashodasi, Meenakshi in the form of Nithyananda, I came to bless every one of you.

Parashodasi Meenakshi, Parameshwari Meenakshi, Parashakthi Meenakshi came here to give Enlightenment, to give all goodness I myself came, as Swamini of Kailasa from the planet of Paramashiva, with my Anugraha I manifested as Nithyananda Vigraha. To do good to all of you, to tell good to you, to flourish the purusharthas- dharma, artha, kama, moksha, I came here.

Oh humans, don’t be scared of the deadly infection Corona. Through these eight ways,

  1. Praying and meditating on me
  2. Surrendering to me through social media
  3. Wherever I am residing, worshipping me by doing Firewalking
  4. Applying turmeric in chest, drinking neem juice and meditating on me everyday
  5. Being In Unclutched state, filling with Eternal Bliss
  6. Doing Ajapajapa of the Cosmic sound Shiva Shiva Shiva
  7. With complete mind, applying banana peel and onion in heels and going to sleep
  8. Being in the state beyond any remembrance or forgetting, in the Arunachala Spurana that blossoms as Aham Aham, in the state of Ananda Spurana

Everyone who thinks on me through these eight ways, they will not have effects of Corona, they don’t have fear and delusion of Corona. You will live with prosperity. With wisdom and fortune, Me with You, You as Me, Me as You, you will live good life. Even if you do one of these eight ways, I will protect you, Corona will not reach you. Don’t have fear Oh People, Be Blissful.

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